Leading the Transition

Consumers have been demanding sustainable alternatives to plastic. Socially conscious organisations are crying out for a product that will meet that demand. Governments, under pressure from campaigners, are introducing regulations that place limitations on single use plastics and make them a less viable option.

We’re in the vanguard of companies that are leading the transition to the use of sustainable plastic alternatives. Solinatra is an industry leading product, and we’re going to use it to change the world for the better.

Country View

The Challenge

Let’s spell it out. The single use plastics in everyday products and packaging contribute to:

  • The contamination of our environment
  • Microplastics in our oceans and food chain
  • The depletion of finite resources
  • Pollution from the extraction and refinement of fossil fuels

The transition towards bioplastics is in its earliest phase. Other ‘compostable’ plastics break down but still leave microplastics. The current regulatory standard does not go far enough - it requires only for residual microplastics to be less than 2mm in size.

Our challenge has been to develop a replacement material that has none of these negative impacts on our planet. And that means setting our own standards that far exceed current regulation regarding residual plastics.

Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle

We’ve expanded on the agricultural growth/decay cycle, giving a use and a value to what were formerly waste products.

Product Life Cycle

Agriculture uses sunlight and water to turn seeds into nutritious plants.

Only some of what is grown is suitable for consumption by humans and livestock.

We can take waste biomaterial and turn it into our patented biomaterial: Solinatra.

Solinatra can be moulded into an alternative to plastic products and packaging.

Products and packaging serve their primary purpose as an alternative to traditional plastics.

Solinatra biodegrades to soil with zero contamination, safe for use as compost.

We’ve expanded on the agricultural growth/decay cycle, giving a use and a value to what were formerly waste products.

Glossary - Defining Compostables

We use the phrase ‘truly compostable’ because the adjective ‘compostable’ has been defined rather generously by companies and regulators to include products that can be composted using specialist high temperature processing machines. Technically, yes, that is still composting, but you can’t do it in your garden.


What Next?


We’re actively seeking to partner with socially conscious brands who could incorporate our plastic alternative in their products or packaging.

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Who We Are

Solinatra® is a brand of Rosiro Group BV. Rosiro Group is completely committed to developing truly sustainable materials and alternatives to single use plastic. The Group brings together brands and companies with a focus on innovation and sustainability, for more information visit RosiroGroup.com

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